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Residential Pool Services


Hello, Spring! It’s time to open your pool and get it ready for some fun in the sun! Our professional crews will get your system up and running and check out all of your equipment to make sure everything is working properly. We offer a variety of options to accommodate your pool opening needs. Pricing will vary based on your pool size, water features (e.g.deck jets or buddy seats), type of winter cover, and whether or not you have an attached spa.

What’s included in a standard pool opening?

  • Remove, clean, and fold cover for storage (if applicable)
  • Remove plugs and expansion devices
  • Reinstall return fitting eyeballs and skimmer baskets
  • Reinstall underwater light fixtures and check operation
  • Reinstall deck equipment
  • Check overall condition of system
  • Add initial dose of chlorine shock

Note: Opening packages do not include vacuuming. Vacuuming can be done at a discounted hourly rate.

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With a premium weekly maintenance package, we treat your pool as if it was our own. It is important to us that your pool looks pristine all season long. A standard residential pool typically requires weekly service, depending on the time of year, the location of your pool, how often it is used, and the vegetation surrounding it. Whether you are looking for a chemical check maintenance or a weekly vacuuming, we can customize a maintenance program for your specific needs. Our maintenance customers also receive special discounts on additional services and/or repairs and as well as priority scheduling.

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Unfortunately, the swimming season must come to an end. Making sure your pool is properly winterized is essential to protect from freeze damage on all the equipment and plumbing. Let our qualified, certified technicians prepare your pool for the winter. We offer a variety of options to accommodate your pool winterizing needs. Pricing is based upon your pool cover type, pool size, and any other features you may have.

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Equipment Preventative Maintenance & Repair.

Quality swimming pool and spa service is our main focus. We know how valuable your time is, so our warehouse and service trucks are stocked with hundreds of parts to provide the quickest repair turnaround as possible.

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TIP FROM THE PROS: Whenever letting any contractor on your property, make sure they are fully insured and have a solid reputation for their work. We are fully insured and are proud to say that we have a long list of satisfied customers.

Equipment Replacement/Upgrade.

You walk out to your backyard and hear loud sounds coming from your pool’s filter. What now? Let our professionally trained, certified technicians help you! Whether you need service to your pool pump, filter, heater, system controller, or chemical feed system, we service all brands and can repair or replace your pool equipment as needed. Pentair, Raypak, Hayward, and Fluidra are just a few of the names you’ll recognize that we use for quality products.

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Water loss in your pool can quickly become a major problem. Not only does it waste water and chemicals, but it can also cause erosion which may damage your pool or even your home. We offer a full range of leak detection services, including pressure testing, sonic detection, and SCUBA diving. Once we have determined the location of your leak, a qualified pool technician will perform the plumbing or structural repairs necessary to repair your pool.

Click here or call if you believe your pool is losing water. We can schedule a leak detection appointment to find the source of your leak.

Use this guide to complete a 48-hour leak test →


Who wants to look at the tarp on the pool all winter long? No one! Not only is it unsightly, but it could be a safety hazard for children or pets. Our certified, industry trained technicians have many years of experience with measuring, installing and repairing all types of safety covers. We work with industry leaders such as Loop Loc and Merlin Industries to ensure you have secure and attractive cover for your pool.

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Automatic pool covers are a great option to cover your pool. They keep excess debris out of your pool, reduce operating costs, and give your family an added layer of protection. Our technicians are experienced in repairing and maintaining automatic covers for both our indoor and outdoor pool customers.

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TIP FROM THE PROS: Preventative maintenance is key to the longevity of your automatic pool cover. It is important to properly clean and protect the fabric and inspect the condition of the cover mechanism annually.

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